Our fishing season starts in May with tuna fishing. Peak season for tunas is May to July and we have mostly Bigeye Tuna with an average weight of 200lbs but there is also Yellowfin Tuna (same size), Bluefin Tuna (up to over 1000lbs) and Albacore Tuna (40lbs) in azorean waters.

In mid June depending of the water temperature the first White Marlin, Spearfish and Mako Sharks start to show up and they usually stay until the end of our season in October. We get White Marlin in big numbers, Spearfish and Sharks are a rare by catch. 

In July our Blue Marlin season starts. Normally the first Blues we see every year are big females. Marlin peak season is August and September with an average size between 400 and 500lbs. To catch a fish over 750lbs is not rare during our summer and if you are lucky you might be able to see a grander. This place is well known for it´s giant Atlantic Blue Marlin.

In the beginning of October we finish our season no because all the fish are gone, it´s more because of the weather. It get´s very rough and might have to cancel many trips because of the weather.

Most famous spots are Azores Bank, Condor Bank, North of Faial and South of Pico.

Bild Bigeye Tuna

Bigeye Tuna

Bild Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

Bild Mako Shark

Mako Shark

Bild White Marlin

White Marlin